Women Power Code Summary

The Women Power Code project aims to educate adult women (over 40) to understand and learn code writing to improve their everyday life through the use of the Internet of Things. It is never too late to acquire knowledge, skills and competences in any branch of education.

Women Power Code is a 36-month project targeting adult women who want new challenges and want to acquire digital skills, literacy and numeracy. The project leader is CIVIC from the UK, and the partners are: EUROCREA MERCHANT - Italy, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FRIESLAND - NETHERLANDS, DIGITAL LEADESHIP INSTITUTE - Belgium, DANIEL SG LTD - Bulgaria and BIOANIM from Slovenia. North-East ADR participates as a partner in this project through the Regional Center for North-East Studies.

The project will equip the beneficiaries with new digital competences and will pave the way for a smooth start in understanding how to improve their everyday life, incorporating these skills. In this way, we try not only to allow women with low digital literacy to adapt and better meet the challenges posed by the use of new technologies at work, but we also try to help balance gender inequality in this area.