We had our Third meeting in Leeuwarden

Hosted by Business Development Friesland, we had our third meeting in the beautiful Leeuwarden. 

We used our time during our 2-day meeting to discuss finalising IO3: The Training Kit. Our Training Kit will consist of the following Modules and content:

  • Module 1: 3D Printing:
    • Unit 1: Introduction to 3D printing 
    • Unit 2: 3D printers 
    • Unit 3: Software
  • Module 2: Internet of Things:
    • Unit 1: Introduction to the IoT world 
    • Unit 2: IoT in practice 
    • Unit 3: Raspberry Pi platform

The Training Kit will provide material that will teach you about both 3D Printing and Internet of Things in great depth. The final Unit, Raspberry Pi Platform, will describe what you can do with the Raspberry Pi as well as give you some hints and tips when using it.

We also discussed the next phase, IO4, which includes defining the Open Badges that will be used to reward the student doing the course, once they complete a Module. 

As you may or may not know, the Women Power Code projects aim is to spark women's interest in technology and show them that this is not and should not be a male-dominated market anymore!

We will also be looking to take Teachers/Trainers back to Leeuwarden in January 2020, to train them on the tool we have developed, so they can also use the course to teach Women and their Daughters about 3D printing and the Internet of Things. If you are a Teacher or Trainer and would like to attend our 'Train the Trainers' event, please Get in Touch as soon as possible. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the course and becoming a Women Power Code Expert, please Get In Touch with us.

Thank you, from the Women Power Code team!