The 2nd Meeting for Women Power Code was held in Romania

ADR Nord-Est hosted the 2nd consortium meeting on the 20th June in Piatra Neamț, Romania to discuss where we are with the project.

The Women Power Code project was developed because there is a lack of female graduates in ICT/STEM across the whole of Europe, as well as a lack of women in ICT/STEM jobs. Therefore we want to first develop a curriculum that will get women across Europe interested. To do this we are focusing on 3D printing and Internet of things (IoT).

So far we have completed the first part of the project (Initial Research). This included the following finalised documents:

During the meeting, we used our research and finalised the Units within each learning outcome. These units will be:

  1. Module 1 - 3D Printing:
    1. Unit 1 - Introduction to 3D printing
    2. Unit 2 - 3D printers
    3. Unit 3 - Practical applications
  2. Module 2 - Internet of Things:
    1. Unit 1 - Introduction to IoT world
    2. Unit 2 - Raspberry Pi platform
    3. Unit 3 - Practical applications 

Our curriculum will be developed using this high-level structure, 2 modules, each with 3 pillars.

If you are interested in learning about 3D printing and IoT, please Get in touch and we can put your name down for one of our 7 multiplier events that will be held in Scotland, Romania, Netherlands, Slovenia, Belgium, Italy and Bulgaria in January 2019. In this event you will learn more about what we want to achieve and you will get to meet some of the consortium.