I risultati pubblici e disponibili del progetto WOMENPOWERCODE sono elencati di seguito. Questo sarà aggiornato durante l'avanzamento del nostro progetto.

Risultato 1

L’Internet delle Cose (IoT) – Una guida essenziale

Analisi SWOT 

Un riassunto in power point viene fornito per sintetizzare questo risultato. Esso è disponibile nelle lingue seguenti:


Qui troverete il nostro volantino del progetto.

Attualmente stiamo traducendo in rumeno, italiano, sloveno, bulgaro, francese e olandese. Questi contenuti saranno aggiunti non appena saranno pronti. 







Outcome 1 - Definition of key Internet of Things (IoT) concepts

O1/A1: The Internet of Things (IoT) – An Essential Guide

O1/A2: SWOT Analysis 

A powerpoint summary has been provided to summarise this outcome. This is available in the following languages:

Outcome 2 - A new curricula in adult education and a new expert profile

O3 - Training kit

Definition of Framework: Guidelines for the development of the Training Kit

The training kit will be developed on Moodle and will be a training course with 2 Modules, one teaching users about about 3D printing and one about Internet of Things. Here you will find the final Training Kit content in the following languages:

O4 - Training Course and Open Badges

We developed the designs for the Open Badges.

We then built the Moodle Training course which runs 2 courses. One about 3D Printing and the other about Internet of Things (IoT). To do the course simply click the link at the top right of the page 'Training Course' and register. Once registered simply read the Module content and once you are comfortable, take the quiz. To pass the quiz you have to get 70% or more correct. Don't worry if you don't pass first time, you get 3 tries!

For every Module you pass, you will receive a Women Power Code badge. If you pass all of the Modules, you will receive the Women Power Code Expert Badge and you have completed the course.

Mini Mate

We also developed a mini computer that you have to assemble called Mini Mate. The Mini Mate computer is designed so as to be possible to assemble by anyone anywhere based on the instructions. The Mini Mate is a fully fledged Raspberry Pi based computer. All the necessary components and peripherals are included in one package, so the person, after assembling it, can start right away using it. 

We created a guide to help you assemble Mini Mate.

Here is a picture of the Women Power Code team who built the Mini Mate from scratch...



O5 - Social Learning Community

The Women Power Code Social Learning Community (SLC) is set up as a complementary learning tool to the online training developed by the project consortium. To this end, the SLC was integrated into the same cloud-based learning management system as the online training, called Moodle. Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments. This tool was selected because it allows to create in the same online platform a set of learner-centric tools and a collaborative learning environment that is easy to use and empowers learning.

The Women Power Code Social Learning Community is created using the forum activity provided by the Moodle platform and it allows learners (and teachers) to exchange ideas by posting comments as part of a 'thread'. Learners can both comment on an existing thread or they and start a new thread of discussion depending on their interests.  Files such as images and media can also be included in forum posts to increase the repository of learning resources. 

Users dispose of a series of settings that they can use to personalise their use of the forum activity, including display options, replying to discussions options, subscribing to forum discussions or track read and unread forum posts. 

The access to the Women Power Code Social Learning Community is made through the https://academy.womenpowercode.eu/ platform, where users need to register. Once they create a profile, they are automatically registered to the SLC and can start interacting with other users. 

Find out more about the SLC


Here you will find our Project Leaflet in English.

This can also be found in the following languages:

Press Releases

Here you will find our first Press Release in English.

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Multiplier Events

All partners held a multiplier event in their home country in January 2019.

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